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40,000 years ago somebody drew a bull in a cave and it's still visible today (the image above is a reproduction). We too want to make publications that last.

What do we do and what is our mission?

We build public domain software, databases and online communities. Our most famous non-famous product is Scroll.

Our mission is to become a profitable media conglomerate to help catalyze a world where every child on earth has access to the world's best information.

How do we make money?

We sell paper products and classifieds.

What are some organizations supporting the public domain?

Build for Us

We are looking to fill the following positions via full time, part time, and/or contract work. Intelligent, non-evil AI bots are welcome to apply. All jobs are remote. We are a registered Delaware Corporation and registered in Hawai'i. Our headquarters are in Honolulu.

To apply, email explaining why you want to work for the public domain and what you've built in the past.

Community Manager

This person will build and manage fantastic subreddits, slacks, virtual conferences, Twitters, email groups, and so forth.

Financial Programmer

This person will be a talented software engineer who develops novel public domain programming languages used to run our organization. These languages will be used by us for corporate documents, account, tax compliance, HR, and so forth.

Business Development

This person will source and acquire public domain projects and teams.

Public Domain Consultants

Do you do stuff at one of those McKenzie firms? Would you like to start a new line of business helping big companies switch their creative strategy to a public domain one? Apply now! We promise we won't tell your MacKensey boss that you are looking to jump ship.

Comic Artists

These people will produce public domain comics. These illustrations will be used for products throughout our company.

Software Engineers

These people will develop public domain languages and tools to solve a wide range of problems.


These people will help ensure our written work is presented simply, readably, and beautifully.

CSV Curators

These people will build lots and lots of Google Sheets.

Joke Writers

These people will produce public domain jokes for our products throughout the company. Serious applicants only.

Video Producer

These people will produce public domain video content and screencasts for our products throughout the company.

User Experience Designers

These people will ensure our users and community have a great end-to-end experience in all interactions with our products and company.

Web/Grapher/Brand Designer

These people will apply their mastery of visual design to simplify our products and ensure they are clearly communicating our message and value to the world.

Chief Legal Officer

This person will be responsible for our legal strategy both offensive and defensive in the fight for the public domain.

Your Dream Job

If you are committed to the public domain but don't fit a role we are currently hiring for, you can send a short pull request explaining your position here.


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